Be the best dressed with Adolfo Dominguez

Most of the time I know what I want. Even when I go shopping, it doesn’t take too much time for me to choose new outfits. Especially when I go to Adolfo Dominguez! And that is the first store I go to whenever I visit Barcelona. No matter the season, I always know I will find many nice outfits that fit my style just fine! At the end of the day, it is all about elegance, sophistication and femininity that I find so atrractive.

I was nicely surprised by the fact that despite the big ‘Africa’ influence and all the etno details, the brand managed to keep the clothes and accessories elegant and yet simple. This was one of that rare moments when African motives were not too shouting.



After having chosen my outfits, I found these amazing leather bags in great colors, but just when I opened each and one of them, I saw the “Vegan” label on it. Eco leather IS THE NEXT BIG THING! The daughter of Adolfo Dominguez, Tiziana Dominguez, designs the company’s collections, along with her father. She introduced ecological materials in all collections and supports the movement of sustainable fashion. Needless to say, I needed to have these bags!


My picks:

Summer coat is such an essential piece of clothing in my wardrobe! Not always would you wear a leather jacket or some cardigan. For more chic and sophisticated occasions I would suggest you go for a summer coat, just remember to pair it with elegant pants or a dress.

– – –

A straight loose top is already a must, but when it is so fancy like this one, it is so much worth taking it home! Embellished with colorful sequins, it turns into a definite festive attire.

– – –

Finding white denims that fit perfectly is quite a challenge so I was very happy when I finally found them, because they where on my must-have list for quite some time! Not only do they fit my body perfectly, they are also very comfortable. Because made of a quite dense fabric, they will not make you worry about all these white-pants-problems that many girls may have.

– – –

Ahhh.. the dress! Hanging on the rack it had no silhouette, but that actually intrigued me right away. I was so curious to see how it would look on me. This sleeveless dress is delicately knit in a tweed texture and has some generous side splits, which makes it very sensual. The fact that I bought it without any doubt speaks for itself!

– – –



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