While we all know the hot trends of this season, I decided to show you a combination of my two favourite ones, mixing feminine lingerie with a masculine jacket.

I always like to attract the opposites so they look like meant-to-be-together kind of style, if you know what I mean! While spring is still too chilly for running around in just a slip-dress, I decided to play around and wear a masculine-kind-o-feel jacket on top of it. The result of my image? “I know what I want, and so should you. Were you distracted by the trim of my lace slip-dress? You should be. But I didn’t wear it for you, honey. So stop smiling.”

Dear girls, dress for yourselves and not for somebody. Do what you want in life and don’t listen to other people’s advices. It is your life, your style, your way of seeing things, so keep your head up high and follow your dreams, because at the end of the day – you will be the one collecting all the prizes!

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