Youtube: beauty, fashion and… cars?!

When I first started my YouTube channel I thought I’d be making only beauty and fashion related videos but it all changed when I first uploaded a video featuring Rolls Royce Wraith. I was offered by the Rolls Royce Motor Cars to do a test drive on their latest edition and after posting it online, it was a blast! It has been by far the most viewed  video (72+K) on my channel!

After that I decided to include more test drives on my channel as cars are one of my biggest passions. Ever since I got my driver’s license (15 years ago!), I was crazy about testing different cars that I could possibly find – from my family members, my friends and just people I met and who would trust me to drive their car. That way I got used to any model very fast, or as my dad had always said: “It’s just in your blood, honey.”

Processed with VSCO with n2 preset

Processed with VSCO with n2 preset

But that wouldn’t be me if I didn’t implement fashion and beauty in my test drive videos! You will find the latest trends and hottest pieces whenever there is a video on cars, so it is not just a video for boys, but also for girls. And with every car, there is a different style vibe to it. I always check the car exterior, interior and read about the vision of the that brand and their latest model, so that my outfit matches their philosophy. And clearly one needs to have the appropriate make-up and accessories.

Processed with VSCO with n2 preset
Lancome Matte Shaker
Processed with VSCO with n2 preset
Sunglasses by Valentino, dress by Rinascimento

*Photos by Vlada Mihaylova

Location Pullman Hotel roof terrace

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Watch the video on this outfit

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But, as I have mentioned in the beginning of this post, it’s not all about cars and test drives! You will find many videos on shopping the latest trends, beauty tips and tricks, as well as fashion shows, events and every day vlogs.


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Watch the INTRO to my Youtube channel

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See you around, beauties!


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