Paradise City

How I feel about Athens? In one word? Home! It almost feels like I have lived there (which I haven’t) and spoke the language (which I have studied though long ago at the University but it was ancient Greek). Every time coming back to Athens feels like returning home, where I know the streets, the culture, the food, the people.


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I have finally visited the Parthenon, after so many years of visiting Athens, never been there before because it was the same excuse – too hot! But this time I decided to do it against all odds and it was worth it. I wouldn’t suggest to go there during the day because then it’s the hottest. Better choose early morning or before it’s closes (around 7.30 PM). Another thing to remember – it is usually full of tourists, so very hard to find a spot to take a photo without hundreds of people in it.

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If you want to enjoy Athens by the beach, you should definitely go to ‘Astir Beach’ (one hour drive by car from Athens). It’s a private beach where you can get a sun bed for 30 EUR (on weekends, 20 EUR on working days) but keep in mind, that all the sun beds are being taken quite early in the morning, and there is no possibility to reserve it.

And of course you can order food and drinks right from your sun bed by only pressing the button. Not to mention the beautiful restaurant area, the nicely equipped changing cabins and the shower room where you can prepare for the dinner after a long and hot day at the beach.


Ordered a cocktail that was named a ‘Gentlman’s drink’ however it was a pure ladies drink – very light and refreshing. Never mind my look, just feeling relaxed on the sun 🙂

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I was so lucky to meet a very nice local girl, Vassia Kostara, who happens to be a designer. After having a great chat we decided to make a photoshoot together in her Limited Collection clothes (photos coming soon in my next post).

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In the streets of Kifisia – my favourite area in whole Athens!

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Where to eat:

In Kifisia – an Italian Restaurant ‘Il Salumaio’ (my Nr1 choice), while ‘Zambri’ has a nice variety of international cuisine, and any local restaurant near the stairs of Plaka area is a very good choice to try local, home made cuisine (near the Parthenon). You will find the best waffle with nutella and ice cream in ‘Zillions’.

Where to go out:

Always crowded with stylish people is the ‘T5’ bar & restaurant in Kolonaki area, ‘Albion’ will suit your needs perfectly if you are looking for a sophisticated place to have dinner and drinks with friends with a good music, and try to find ‘Hyde’ bar in the heart of Kifisia which is literally hidden between the shops in a very beautiful garden.

Different plans?

If you have a plan to visit a very sacred place and are ready to spend some good 3 hours while getting there (one way), you should go to Meteora – meaning ‘middle of the sky’, ‘suspended in the air’ or ‘in the heavens above’) is one of the largest and most important complexes of Greek Orthodox monasteries in Greece.

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Always sad to leave…
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Oh well, but I’ll be back in no time!

Hope you had some useful information from this blog post! I am preparing a video on my trip as well, so subscribe to my YouTube channel and press the notification bell, so you don’t miss my latest video when it’s live!

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‘Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty, oh won’t you please take me home!’ – Guns N’ Roses


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