My first month with Diamond Clean

The first ever review about whitening effect of my new electric toothbrush I actually received from my dentist I had visited lately, when she complimented me on my whiter teeth since the last time we met. Now that’s an honest review! Another amazing thing is that I won’t have to see her as often as I used to! Another YAY! You see, not only do teeth get whiter and healthier but also they have less plaque and stains after coffee, wine or any other products that may damadge our enamel.


Personally my teeth are very sensitive and I have never used any whitening procedures at the dentist. I have tried Crest stripes and other home-whitening stuff but after some short period of using them, my teeth got even more sensitive and started to hurt. That is why I am so impressed by the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean as it whitens my teeth without any pain or damadge. However, I still use the Sensitive mode every day and Whitening mode once a week, which is enough to see the result!


5 Modes

Clean – for exeptional everyday clean

White – removes surface stains

Sensitive – gentle teeth and gum cleaning

Gum Care – gently massages gums

Deep Clean – for an invigorating deep clean

Another great thing is that this brush has an amazing charging solution – a contactless glass that charges with style. It can also be used for rinsing, which I would not suggest if you want the toothpaste to keep on ‘working’ with your teeth – just don’t rinse at all. Better use it as a super cool charger!

But that is not the only way how to charge it! There is this protective case that is best for travelling, and you can connect it even to your laptop to charge!

Jaunā Teika

By the way, one toothbrush can be used for the whole family just by changing the heads. But if you want everyone to have their own special Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean toothbrush, then you have an amazing variety to choose – from beautiful colors to various specifications.

Wishing you WHITE and SMILEY holidays!



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