Is selling make-up for a good cause a bad thing?

I had a plan for a good cause which I did not want to bring out publicly, as I never talk or brag about the charity I am often into. But now I am almost obliged to do so in order to explain to some master critics who thought they can judge me based on their own perceptions. Not to mention calling my actions: ‘sad, very sad’…


My goal was to help young women to reach out for the beauty they deserve through best selling make-up and skin care. Not only did I give some part of my beauty products (which I also bought on my own) to charity (“Marta” Resource Centre for Women, I also sold some products for half price in a closed Facebook group to those girls who were happy to get the latest beauty products for that price. And THAT money went straight to charity. Again, to the resource centre for young women who have suffered from the violence (physical, moral or economical). No woman should ever feel guilty without a reason, no woman should ever feel suppressed by a man, even if he is not worth it. And believe me, if he does make you feel guilty without a reason, then he is definitely not worth you or your time!
Every girl, every woman deserves to be happy, to be loved and to feel confident about herself. It all comes from inside but let’s be honest – looking good does help us to feel beautiful and confident. That is why I wanted to reach out for those girls who have suffered from any kind of violence and one of the ways how to do it was through make-up and skincare products, as they are the ones that can boost our inner princesses and queens. We are strong and there may be times when we underestimate our power but believe me – we have it. We have enough power to stop violence, first of all, towards ourselves! We are STRONG, BEAUTIFUL and WORTH anything we want to accomplish!
I would like to thank all the beauty brands who have partnered with me in this past year and to express my gratitude for making our dreams come true. On behalf of my female followers, I would like to thank you for the chance to be able to make multiple giveaways, as well as to share some products to charity and to be able to help financially those young women who are in crisis centres. Thank you all for your loyalty and support.
“It’s about women helping women and women doing things together and supporting each other.” – Diana Burch
Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 15.12.13
Yours Sincerely,
Maija Armaneva

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