Modern Italian design by Colombini Casa

Looking for the right furniture can be quite frustrating… Well, a least here in Riga, as there are so many stores with furniture that looks like we’re back in 1995 but prices are from 2030! You know with all the inflation and stuff… BUT, there is always this magical word that changes the whole scenery. I remembered about one place I have been in quite some time ago and decided to visit it once again. And thank God I did! Stylish and modern furniture for reasonable price does exist. What’s more – it comes straight from Italian manufacturer and offers quite a range of beautiful interior solutions.


Not really being a fan of classical kitchen, but this one has definitely stolen my heart. I’d rather describe it as modern classics which looks more fresh and up to date, not to mention this kitchen would look amazing in a new stylish home.

And yet Colombini Casa offers something more contemporary – a cutting-edge kitchen design with rusty elements and lofty colors, such as brown, grey and copper.



All soft furniture can be ordered from different materials, where a client can decide – to go for real leather or eco leather. Not to mention the oh-so-beautiful colour solutions that go with latest fashion trends and interior trend books.


I would describe Colombini Casa interior as a modern minimalism with a very tasteful touch of bliss, art and avant-garde. Who would have thought that you can get this design for a reasonable price and… an in-house interior designer’s help for free!


As a respected interior salon, they could not leave all the smaller details behind therefore you have a great option to order different decor elements, as well as lamps and other beautiful lighting solutions that are brought in by ‘Gaismas Maģija’.


Another great solution of a modern interior is a movable sofa that consists of several parts and can be moved and reorganised as you wish, depending on your living room’s space or activities, e.g., when having a game night with friends. I’d definitely go for Dixit!



So, my dears, it was a pleasure to show you around Colombini Casa through my eyes. Now I think it’s time you see everything for yourselves. Enjoy!


Getting there:

Jaunmoku iela 26
LV-1046 – Rīga
Latvija Europe

Open hours:

Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 19:00

Ph: +371 67619268




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