Photoshopped skin effect or Photorejuvenation

Before I tell you all about my latest skin treatment, I have to say something about my skin and why I had to choose this kind of laser procedure. So, there were these areas on my skin that bothered me the most: skin redness, larger pores and oiliness. What I did not know was that I have pigmentation or so called brown spots which are not visible but they are actually on my skin and in quite a big amount (unfortunately, I am not a big fan of putting suncream on my face as often as I should). Obviously this is going to change after I have seen the photos of my severe pigmentation. But, lucky me – I started getting rid of all these issues and am already seeing the results!


Before having a Photorejuvenation treatment, my skin was photographed with a special camera and then it was connected to a computer, which showed my skin’s best assets (it is even, hydrated and firm) and the ones that were not that good. After detecting real problems (not always do we see them without any special attributes), I went into the procedure room and had my very first skin rejuvenating laser treatment. In my case I have to have one or two more procedures to get the maximum results.


What is Photorejuvenation?

Photorejuvenation using IPL or BBL is a safe and effective skin rejuvenation treatment for men and women to reverse sun-induced skin damage. Not only it improves the texture of the skin, stimulates your own collagen to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, it also clears red blotches and spider veins, and fades brown spots, including brown spots. It can also soften scars and reduce pore size, all with minimal recovery time.


First you wear dark glasses to protect the eyes from the bright light. A cold gel is applied to the skin to help the absorption of light and keep the skin cool. The pulse of light feels like a sting (as I have never had any injections in my face, it did hurt). I guess if you have had beauty injections before, then that would mean nothing to you (lucky you, I thought while having the procedure). The whole treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. In general 3 to 6 treatments are needed with an interval of 3 to 4 weeks to see the maximal result. You must avoid tanning while undergoing treatment, so an SPF cream is a must on every day basis.

Perfect for calming down reddened skin

Right after the treatment I had some temporary redness which disappeared after 30 minutes. The brown spots appeared more visible for a few days but then they just ‘fell’ off. When I came out of the procedure, I could have even put on some make-up and continue my every day tasks but I chose to do it in the evening and went straight home afterwards.


This treatment is a perfect solution if your skin has:

Sun damage

Redness, flushing and small veins


Red discolouration and enlarged pores caused by post-acne

Pigmentation, brown spots, even age spots

Dull complexion

Fine lines

My improvements after the photorejuvenation treatment:

I now have a more even skin tone, with reduced redness and pore size. I can not see the difference of the pigmentation though as I will see it the next time I visit my dermatologist (as she will take new photos of me and we will compare with the first photos). The skin also feels smoother, firmer and more refreshed. Improvement in tone and texture has given me a more polished look.

No make-up on

I have also asked my dermatologist, how long will the result last, and the answer was quite comforting. These results can last for a couple of years, depending on the aging process and environmental factors such as sun exposure. In order to keep my skin in this condition longer, I have to follow all the rules and not go out in the sun without any SPF cream or do anything else that would damage my skin. Sounds fair enough, right.


Dr. Lauma Valeine Dermatologist

“Maijai tika veikta ādas 3D diagnostiku ar 3D Life Vi, kas ir vienīgā Baltijā. Izmantojot trīsdimensiju attēlveidošanas sistēmu no vairākiem skatu punktiem tiek nofotografēta seja vai kāda ķermeņa daļa un iegūts augstas kvalitātes 3D attēls. Pēc tam ar speciālu programmu palīdzību iespējams apstrādāt un izanalizēt iegūtos datus, palielinājumā aplūkojot atsevišķus ādas laukumus, kā arī veikt attēla 3 D modelēšanu. Tehnoloģija automātiski pēc attiecīgas gradācijas skalas iezīmē problemātiskās/ bojātās vietas un ļoti precīzi uzrāda sejas ovāla stāvokli/ noslīdējumu, sejas formu/ asimetriju, ļauj noteikt grumbu/ striju daudzumu un izpētīt to dziļumu, celulīta pakāpi, asins kapilāru un zemādas kolagēna stāvokli, pigmentāciju, saules (UV staru) bojājumus, turklāt ne tikai ar aci redzamos, bet arī zemādas neredzamos bojājumus.”

Alma Laser AFT (Advancētā flourescentā tehnoloģija) ir jaunas paaudzes intensīvi pulsējošās gaismas terapija.

Read more about the ALMA laser here



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