Recipe for voluminous hair

One of the most common questions I receive daily is how do I get such voluminous hair. Well, there are several tips&tricks to pump up your hair and if you use all of them together, be ready to welcome the 80’s!

Hair volume booster recipe:

• wash your hair with an extra cleansing shampoo (but not often!) that will make your hair squeaky clean and therefore lift the roots;

• apply hair conditioner on your hair ends only (or till the middle of hair length) otherwise the softening conditioner will soften and calm DOWN (literally) the hair roots;

• use a silky and light product (so that it won’t make your hair heavy) for hair ends once you have removed the towel (I always like to keep the towel for 10 – 15min max so that the excess water in my hair soaks up a bit more into the towel);

• apply root lifting spray on your hair roots and massage it into the scalp (you can also spray it all over the hair length);

• blow dry your hair using a round comb (I am so bad at juggling with both hands at a time that is why I have a blow dryer with already attached round hair comb);

• by blow drying on maximum speed, you will get the maximum volume;

• when your hair is already dry, use a large hair clip on top of your head to set the roots in upright position and hold it as long as you are getting ready before leaving the house (although I wear it even while I’m driving in my car, the longer the better).



Additional tips & tricks:

• you might also like to try lifting up the hair roots with a dry shampoo but be careful with that – on clean hair you need a super small amount of it otherwise it will make your hair too heavy;

• a great root lifting gadget is the tiny gofre iron which should be used on hair roots only and on very rare occasions (as it does damage the hair roots by using it frequently);

• the easiest way to get voluminous hair without using any products or gadgets is to put your hair on one side and, voila!

Do’s and Don’ts for straight hair:

• back combing the roots of your super straight hair might be tricky (it may look like a helmet if you try too hard);

• make sure to insert the large hair clip very neatly to avoid having zig zag hair root looks;

• just leave that dry shampoo for curlier days, trust me – it does not look good on super straight hair.

Do’s and Don’ts for curly hair:

• dry shampoos are the best for wavy, curly or messy looking hairstyles so go ahead and enjoy that ‘curly hair don’t care’ voluminous looks;

• root back combing works best on curly hair and make sure to use some hairspray on the roots (again, not too much!).

I hope my tips & tricks were helpful and you will get that voluminous effect in no time! Let me know if you did succeed or comment on your favourite volume hacks.


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