My favourite pharmaceutical skin and hair care

A while ago I asked you a question on my Instagram weather I should tell you about my favourite pharmaceutical beauty products that I love and constantly keep purchasing. After receiving so many requests on the topic, I decided to write a whole blog post about it. Most of the products are available in our pharmacies but some of them I have brought from abroad and really recommend you visit other country’s drugstores.



There is one brand in this niche that I love the most and can not imagine my daily skin care without it. It’s specially designed for sensitive to problematic skin and is recommended by dermatologists.




If you ask me which cream I use daily then this is the one! Effaclar Duo is designed to correct skin’s imperfections (like post-acne marks) and has a very light and unclogging texture which is very important especially for a problematic skin.



This baby I brought from Spain as I haven’t seen it in our pharmacies (if you have, please leave a comment below). It has all the medical advantages from the previous one but is like a foundation or BB cream. For any foundation, especially during the summer period, the most important task is NOT to clog the pores. Very light texture, amazingly fresh scent (as any La Roche-Posay product, actually) and perfect colour! I chose ‘medium’.



I have tried so many different micellar waters that I can confidently state that this is the best one for removing make-up and cleaning the skin. Very soft (I have noticed that there is also a difference in texture softness in every brand) and this one happens to be the softest and still able to remove excess oil, make-up (mascara!) and leave your skin fresh and clean. You can leave it on if you like but I always wash off everything before applying the cream.



And again, this product was brought from abroad and is actually quite sold out basically anywhere. Hyalu B5 Serum is a dermatological correction serum to plump the skin and even out the wrinkles. The main ingredients are Hyaluronic Acids (keep moisture in the skin), Vitamin B (soothes and repairs) and Centella Asiatica (firms the skin and smoothes the wrinkles). It is best to use it before applying the cream / gel or serum and it’s light and refreshing texture will make your skin feel and look very beautiful.




This was a product that I was introduced to by Vichy Latvija and fell in love with it! I must say it is quite hard for me to find a really good eye cream because I want it to be light in texture but still very fulfilling. This one was very good with all my demands and my eyes looked beautifully firmed and enriched with all the necessary ingredients.





This was yet another discovery from abroad but fortunately we do have it in our local pharmacies. It is a special shampoo for thinning or falling out hair. I always like to use it twice a year (in spring and autumn) when hair tend to fall out more than they normally would. It stimulates hair growth, is very mild but still cleanses hair quite thoroughly without leaving it too dry as cleansing shampoos usually tend to over-dry the hair. Start using it and you’ll see bunch of new little hair growing in no time and you’ll even have that extra volume you might be missing.



19883490744-2-700If you do not need any hair growth stimulation but are still looking for a hair care available in your nearest drugstore, then this shampoo is a definite must-try. Smells amazingly fresh (citrus), protects the hair colour, leaves the hair smooth and shiny. Do not forget about the conditioner or the mask (also available from this citrus line).




If you are a fan of natural cosmetics, then this new hair care line by Kamēlija is probably best for you. I tried it and loved it, especially liked the ingredients – the silk proteins and amino acids, and of course, free of sulphates and parabens. Made in Latvia!




I have discovered natural aloe gels while being in hot climate countries because they sure know how to moisture and take care of the skin after suntanning. It is the best way to soothe the skin after being overexposed on the sun. Always check if the amount of aloe extract is no less than 99%. Another great thing about this miracle gel is that it can be used not only for the whole body but also for face. We do have aloe gels in some pharmacies (still not that much of a variety and they are quite expensive there, around 20 EUR) but I have googled and found a bio store who sells at a better price.





One of the most common questions about the drug-store products is about their effectiveness, ingredients and ability to really solve the issue of an existing problem. Firstly, if there is a serious problem, you should first see the doctor (dermatologist, trichologist or endocrinologist) and you will be given the right products. If there is no big health issue and you just want to maintain the healthy skin (especially after acne or critical hair loss or any other problems you might been having in the past) then the pharmaceutical products are definitely worth trying. If it wasn’t effective or with healing purpose, then it would not be sold in the pharmacy. There are the strictest policies on the ingredients and most common health issues or side effects.

 Another thing you have to remember that the brand who has their own laboratory is already ahead of all other companies who don’t have their own scientific laboratories. That is why I have added the laboratory name of each brand who owns one.

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