Prom Dress Trend 2018 – the family look

Prom dress is one of the most talked about outfits of the year because it’s weather you nail it or fail it. I have never been a fan of a cliché prom dresses that looked outdated even when I was finishing school. Back then I chose a beautiful cocktail dress that was playful and elegant at the same time.

It has been a while since I wore a prom dress and the next time I might wear it will be in 9 years from now. That is why I have asked my friend Almaza Pirha, editor in chief of a beauty magazine Beauty Cloud and online magazine, and her kids (son 19 y.o., daughter 12 y.o.) to join my project Sophisticated Prom Look 2018 in collaboration with my favourite shopping place Sky&More.


Having chosen Almaza as my model I knew this might be quite difficult to dress her because she already has a great sense of style and exactly knows what she likes, even more – what she doesn’t like. Lucky for me Almaza found the dress she really liked from all the sets I brought her. However, I must admit, I knew she’s gonna love that dress. And what’s more – she looked absolutely gorgeous in it!


Dress by Elisabetta Franchi

As her son will be graduating soon, I had to look for a good suit in order that the whole family look is accompanied by the same vibe. There is nothing worse when everyone in the family is dressed in a totally different style. Imagine how the family graduation photos will look like! That is why I chose a classy Remus Uomo black suit for him and paired it with more casual style sneakers to bring a more up-to-date look.


Dressing up a teenager is even a more complicated task but, Thank God, all went well! The Vanessa Scott dress was quite fancy but styling it with a pair of Liu Jo sneakers made the whole look more edgy and let the teen feel like in her own skin.


Family portrait

[Photos by Vlada Mihailova]

. . .


Check out other amazing prom dresses I have found:

Elisabetta Franchi



Vanessa Scott








Sandro Ferrone

. . .

*All avaibale at Sky&More // Duntes 19a, Riga

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