Modern Princess is becoming more sensual

This year the fashion house of LANVIN has launched a new version of Modern Princess – Eau Sensuelle – which is more sensual than the previous edition. The new fragrance is described as “a more intimate invitation of. This time, playfulness and mystery invite themselves into the intimacy of her bedroom. Sexier than ever, draped in pleated nude silk mousseline, remains in charge of her destiny.” It seduces with soft/sweet vine peach and pink grapefruit infused with floral accords of delicate peonies and jasmine.



Sensuality is what comes within us, it comes with confidence and awareness, awareness of who we are. The most beautiful women are the ones who are most confident about themselves. They are fully aware of their beauty, their talents, their knowledge and the impact they leave on others. No man will ever forget the way she looked at him. Neither will he forget the sensual veil of her perfume while she was passing him by…



As Alber Elbaz had once said: ‘Making women beautiful is a difficult business. And I take it seriously.’ Well, he sure did know how to make us feel more beautiful.






Photographed by Sofija Lukjanska

Location Jaunā Teika

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