Be the first to get inside IKEA Latvia

Welcome to my online tour inside the newly built IKEA Latvia! You are one of the very first to see the design ideas, products and interior solutions before the grand opening. I am already super excited after having visited the biggest furniture store in the Baltics!





IKEA kitchens have up to 25 years of warranty and anyone can find what they are looking for – starting from the smallest apartment solution for only 175,- EUR. Whenever you feel like changing the colour of your kitchen, you can buy new cabinet doors in a different colour and install them onto your kitchen module system. Easy as that!






BILLY bookcase is now available for 78,- EUR only! This bookcase is perhaps one of the most popular IKEA’s products around the world. It was dreamed up in 1978 by an IKEA designer called Gillis Lundgren who sketched it on the back of a napkin because he worried that he might forget the idea. Now there are over 60 million in the world, nearly one for every 100 people – not bad for a humble bookcase.




Many of the collections are changing a few times a year and before presenting the new ones, there is a sale twice a year (in january and july). The next new collection will be presented this October.




Everyone knows that IKEA furniture can be put together by yourselves but nevertheless, there are professionals at IKEA who will assemble the furniture for you.



Of course IKEA is so popular because of it’s prices, modern design and great quality, but there is another reason why so many people choose design ideas here. It is also best known for installing small spaces with everything you need. At the store you will find a fully equipped 25m2 built in apartment. See more of the small spaces ideas here.




No wonder that IKEA has it’s own cafeteria because it is pretty normal to spend several hours a day in this store. A delicious lunch break while all your orders are being proceeded is always a good idea!

Check out my Instagram stories for more online tour: @maija_armaneva

More photos coming this evening…

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