What is confidence and where does it come from? Do you need a prettier face or longer hair, slimmer body or more curves? Or maybe your confidence is in the education and a diploma, in the experience and your professionalism…


I asked you a question today on ‘what gives you confidence’ and suggested to choose between these two replies: ‘the way you look’ or ‘knowledge & experience’. Here are the results:


To my opinion this already is a tricky question and I seriously don’t know which button would I choose, because I find both of them to be very important for being a confident woman. Again, that is just my opinion and the way I see it. However, if I still had to choose, I’d press ‘the way I look’ button because people meet us upon our looks. Are we classy or shabby, bright make-up or no make-up, clean hair or dirty hair, fancy designer bag or mass market backpack. That is what people see first when they meet us. I guess that is why most of you have chosen this answer. But these are only the first seconds of your visual confidence. Next is being able to talk about different topics, be an expert in your own niche, have a reasonable amount of experience in what you do on daily basis and be a highly valued professional. This is where the major confidence comes from – your looks combined with your knowledge.


Being a little girl I was looking in the mirror and imagining how I would look like when I grow up. I was literally drawing an image of myself in my mind and just as they say – it’s all about visualisation. Later on, as we grow up, pretty looks is not enough. At least that was not in my scenario. I believe I wouldn’t be as confident if I didn’t have a University degree or having worked in big companies since I was 18 while still studying. I would still have lack of confidence if I didn’t have my dream job where I am still learning every single day and gaining new knowledge and experience. For me it’s all or nothing! Even today I am constantly searching for different kinds of classes, seminars and workshops to grow professionally. In the meantime I can’t allow myself to forget about my looks, whether it’s hair, face, body or clothes.


And if the best outfit is self-confidence, then you better work on it, girl! No matter where your confidence comes from and which aspect of yourself you need to work at, never stop and keep developing yourself, whether it’s your looks or knowledge.


Photos by Sofija Lukjanska

My visual confidence: voluminous hair by Schwarzkopf Professional Bona Cure Collagen Volume Booster / hair colour by Diana Payton (Kitchen Hair Lab) using BlondeMe / asymmetrical dress by

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