Ageing, skin problems and overweight solved with alkaline water?

This summer I was approached by a brand who produces an anti-aging alkaline water with a very high pH level. Before I responded to our partnership, I wanted to do a research on my own and see if this water suits me and what benefits it has. I knew very well about alkaline food and all the good it does to our body but I never really concentrated on drinking alkaline water on my daily basis, until I was introduced to Amrita Water.


As I am a constant coffee drinker and meat eater, I intake a lot of acids together with other foods and drinks that are lower than normal pH level of 7.0. Unfortunately acidic food and drinks lead to acne, dry skin, poor digestion, brittle nails and hair, sensitive gums, headaches, mood swings and even depression.  However, we can avoid all that by choosing alkaline food and drinks which:

  • have anti-aging properties (via liquid antioxidants that absorb more quickly into the human body)
  • have hydration, skin health, and other detoxifying properties
  • help lose weight
  • support immune system
  • have cancer resistance
  • stop calcium from accumulating in urine
  • prevent from kidney stones
  • build stronger bones and much more


Aging and getting older are two different things. Getting older means maturing within the progression of time, while aging is the process of tissues breaking down in the body. Wrinkles, weight gain and sagging skin are some of the displeasing signs of aging.

When thinking about how to slow down the aging process, alkaline water helps because…

– Alkaline water neutralizes stored acids and toxins; the body can remove neutralized toxins.

– Alkaline water provides protection and hydration of the cells and has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral effects.

– Alkaline water will balance the PH levels in our body.

– Alkaline water will provide oxygen to our body, making it fitter, supporting cells for optimal nutrient assimilation.

– Alkaline water helps prevent skin blemishes and irritation, thus achieving visibly better skin.

Alkaline water, combined with alkaline food, will provide your body with antioxidants for nutrient supplies needed to repair damaged cells.


I have looked up for the best chart I could find to show you most of the products we intake on daily basis with their pH levels. Read it, memorise it or save it for later but definitely keep it in mind before choosing your daily meal.


Not to mention that I always had a problem with drinking lots of water during the day but now my problem is solved because I realised that my body doesn’t necessarily need 2 or more litres of water during the day. All it needs is the right alkaline water with high pH level and even 1 litre a day is quite enough. Why it all matters that much? Because our body is the only place we have to live in, so let’s take care of it.


And in order to encourage you to try an anti-ageing alkaline water, I have a special discount for YOU! When ordering water online at enter the code: ARMANEVA and you will get 15% off the price. It is way easier to order lots of water online rather than buying single bottles in the shops daily. Oh, and if you are an environment-caring human being, then you will be pleased to know that these bottles are recyclable! Not to mention they don’t contain any BPA’s.

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