Shampoos in our home

In this article I will let you inside my bathroom to show you all the shampoos we have at our home, from volume boosters and root activators, till pink and blue toners. These five shampoos are our favourites which we have been using on daily basis for quite some time already.

These ‘Blond Me’ haircare products have been with me ever since I got blonde hair color and am still using them. Getting blonde hair is one thing but keeping them healthy is another thing – taking care of your blonde hair is even more important! This ‘Blond Me’ shampoo has a unique hair bonding system that does not allow hair to split or break. Seriously, ever since I started using them, I haven’t had a split hair. Not to mention that they are always very soft and shiny. This ‘Blond Me’ haircare line has three blonde tones – neutral for all blondes, silvery blue for cool blondes (that’s mine) and warm yellow for caramel blondes. It’s colour is definitely not that strong as a tinted shampoo, just slightly adds the right shade.

This is my latest haircare product which helps me to get that beautiful new hair colour that is not that light blonde anymore but has a bit of a cognac shade. I use it the second time I apply the shampoo, keep it for 2 minutes and then wash out. If you want to play with blonde shades and try out a strawberry blonde, then this shampoo is perfect for you! You can also try and mix it with blue or apricot shampoo, depends on what you want to get – a cool strawberry blonde or warm peachy blonde. Such a fun hair dress up!

Fall and spring is that time of the year when hair fall out more than ever, that is why it is important to use a root activating shampoo which will prevent hair from falling out that much. This fall I have discovered an amazing shampoo for activating hair roots – ‘Bona Cure Scalp Genesis’ root activating shampoo for thinning hair. To get a stronger effect, add hair activator serum and use it for seven weeks (read the instructions carefully). 

I am sure you have seen these green bottles a lot on my Instagram which are amazing for that extra volume! ‘Collagen Volume Boost’ shampoo and conditioner has a very light texture and should not be used too much (every professional haircare product should be used just a small drop, because they are very concentrated and if you use them too much at a time, your hair might get dirty sooner than if you had used just a tiny bit of it). 

This root activating shampoo is not for us, ladies, but for our men. It stimulates hair roots, prevents from hair loss and strengthens the hair cuticles. This Schwarzkopf Professional 3D Men Root Activator Shampoo is part of a 24 week regime, works best in combination with the Root Activating Serum. But remember to tell your man to apply a small amount of shampoo, massage it and let it do its work for a couple of minutes. Do not rinse out as soon as it has applied. It is best suited for thinning hair.

* * *

Remember that hair is one of your most important assets so take care of it!

P.S. Mixing different brand shampoos may not be a good idea as the formulas differ a lot. But mixing them from the same brand is so worth it! That is why I can use different shampoos but yet from one brand (Schwarzkopf Professional) on daily basis and not worry about damaging my hair. It is so much fun to be able to play with hair colour, texture and growth several times a month! Who said that only blondes have more fun?

4 thoughts on “Shampoos in our home

  1. Kur tu iegādājies šos produktus? Vai esi novērojusi atšķirību produktos atkarībā no iegādes vietas? (piemēram Drogas vai Stockmann, vai frizieru spec veikalos)


    1. Šie ir profesionālie matu kopšanas līdzekļi, līdz ar to svarīgi tos iegādāties pareizajās vietās, kā piemēram,, skaistumkopšanas salonos, specializētajos veikalos, Douglas. Diemžēl rimi un citur iepērk pa citiem kanāliem, tādēļ tur es tos nepērku un neiesaku pirkt


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