Professional flashback: six years ago

Many of you know who I am today and maybe have even read the interviews about my past jobs starting with Microsoft Latvia and a global mobile technology company, finishing with a stylist and a Social Media Influencer. But I haven’t really showed you much about my path becoming a stylist which I find a huge turning point on my life. Why? Because at 27 I had this depression of not knowing what I want to do in my life. I had tried myself in so many different jobs and I still hadn’t found my place and purpose. So I thought to stop working in different companies and learn something new instead. After long discussions with myself and asking what I am interested in right here, right now, there was only one thing that came up to my mind, and it was style. The decision was made – I went to study Image Design at the Bogomolov Image School. And that’s where I finally felt where I belonged – in the world of helping other women through style, beauty and confidence. It all began in January of 2013…

My first collage // glam rock & punk theme
Me and the homework 🙂

The whole programme that we studied was just mind-blowing! We studied the history of fashion, analysed magazine and advertisement photoshoots, learned the associative way of seeing things and how to work with clients understanding their psychology. It was not just about dressing someone in new clothes.

Meet my very first client – Inna (52)
This makeover was a course work that every student had to do in order to get a diploma of an Image Designer.
That was the first time I felt how amazing it is to help women to become a better-self!
Not a different person – but a better version of oneself.

After graduating the school, I started assisting the top Image Designers in Latvia – Zanna Dubska and Elga Homitska. That was an amazing opportunity to practice and to learn from the best professionals!

Collecting the clothes and accessories for Zanna’s shoot
The never-ending story of accessories 🙂
 LILIT magazine (styling by Zanna Dubska) // January 2014
Another styling by Zanna Dubska // November 2013
Attending Elga’s seminar (
Very much into the new topic 🙂 Studying ‘Personal Shopping’ in Milan, Italy
Visiting showrooms
Meeting top Personal Shoppers of Milan…
…and lecturers of Marangoni Institute.
Receiving my diploma of a Certified Personal Shopper for women (Milan) // Uptodate Fashion Academy 
Studying the second course of a Personal Shopper, but this time for men
First barber shops
Receiving my second diploma in Milan (Certified Personal Shopper for men) // Uptodate Fashion Academy

After returning back home, I had several projects on my own where I could fulfil myself professionally after all the practising and studying. I did a styling for a fashion show at the Beauty Expo 2014, did several styling shoots for magazines but mostly for my clients. Did flat-lay shoots for magazines, collaborated on fashion projects with great photographers.

Beauty Expo 2014
Backstage of the upcoming fashion show at Beauty Expo 2014
Sport Chic styling by me
My best fan and supporter
Fashion shoot with photographer Juris Zaleskis
When Juris was teaching me how to shoot 🙂
Worked a lot on private photoshoots with an amazing photographer Snezhana Malinovskaya

With my team (photographer and MUAH)
Flat-lay shoot for a magazine

After that I was invited as a stylist for LILIT magazine to do a Makeover Editorial once a month in partnership with Galleria Riga. It was yet another great opportunity for me as a Personal Shopper working with clients.

Four years ago I started working with PLAZA fashion store for creating their Instagram profile from scratch and creating content for their it. I came up with an idea that it would be great not only to show the latest items available in store but also how to style them making inspirational photoshoots for their Instagram account.

Styling for PLAZA

After that I started working on my own Instagram account seeing it as a good business opportunity, which until this day still remains my main job.

I hope this virtual tour might help you to better understand the evolution of one’s professional growth, on what to do if you are still uncertain of who you want to be or what to study. My advice is to try as many times as it takes until you figure out what makes you happy and you call it your dream job! I clearly found mine but don’t see it as a finishing point. To be continued…

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