Do it like French women

There is something about French women that no other nationality can be compared to. Maybe it’s their careless look, au naturel beauty or do they follow their own rules… I wanted to find that out and share it with you.

Careless looks

French women prefer a slight negligence in their style where they look quite careless yet très chic. you willnotice that almost all of them. The hairstyle is very easy going and looks natural, like if your hair were blown in the wind instead of using the hair dryer. The clothes are often loose and the only accessories are a scarf and sunglasses. It almost seems that they are not making any effort to look beautiful and feminine.

Red lips

Any look can be easily turned into bright and festive if you use just a red lipstick. French women swear by it! No matter what style you are wearing that day, it can be torn jeans and a T-shirt or a summer dress with a straw hat, if you add a red lipstick to your look, you will immediately turn everyone’s heads. And yes – French women know that red lipsticks are totally fine even in the mornings, no need to wait till evening to put it on.

Natural eyebrows

You will never see a native French woman with precisely drawn eyebrows in unnatural dark colour. Instead, they let their eyebrows grow naturally and take care of them daily. Their most used product for eyebrows is probably the eyebrow gel (tinted or neutral).

Accepting yourself

French women rarely go for plastic surgeries. You will hardly ever meet a French actress, model or fashion blogger with fillers in her lips, corrected nose or artificial cheekbones. Not even hair extensions. And not to mention body corrections such as breast enhancement, butt silicones or any other artificial change in their body.
These girls learn to accept themselves as they are, with all the disadvantages and advantages of their appearance. This is what makes them unique and real. That’s why French women have such strong individualities and are natural beauties. 

Effortless chic

At the end of the day it is all about the effortless chic – the feeling that you have run out of your house without spending too much time in front of the mirror but still look exceptional! I guess it’s not just the looks, it’s the attitude and the confidence that matters and everyone can tell that.

And if you still haven’t seen the movie ‘Priceless’ – please, do go and watch it now! 🙂 It is very funny and eye-catching! If you want to see a careless but yet beautiful and confident French woman in action, you need to see this movie.

Have an amazing weekend, beauties!

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